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Why pay a private tutor to help with my PhD applications?

Many PhD applicants assume that a PhD application requires little more than writing a proposal and obtaining two letters of reference.

In reality, a professional application to top universities involves many other vital steps – most of which are unknown or unfamiliar to the majority of students.

Our experts have however worked on 000s of applications and are experienced in working through all stages from A – Z.

Given that a PhD qualification leads on average to £500,000 more in career earnings than a Masters holder, we think it is worth investing in working with an expert professor to secure your dream PhD place.

Our Pricing Plan

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  • 60 mins LIVE online communication
  • Full Edit of your CV
  • 1 report of recommended universities
  • 1 report of recommended professors
  • 1 custom letter of introduction for professors
  • 1 custom letter report for funding
  • NO Plagiarism Checking
  • Proof-reading of your proposal
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