VIVA Assistance

Professionally prepare for your viva to avoid timely and expensive alterations.

VIVA Assistance

Why pay a private professor to help with your PhD viva preparation?

Most students that we work with have never previously prepared for a viva and thus can be intimidated by the experience.

This unfamiliarity (with the format, expectations etc.) can often lead to good students performing poorly under examination and thus being thrown into months of unnecessarily time-consuming and expensive alterations.

By working with one of our experienced professors, you can in as little as 5 – 10 hours, professionally prepare for your viva and pass with zero or minimal alterations.

Professional preparation can drastically reduce the time you spend in PhD alterations and thus hasten your qualification from your PhD.

What’s included?

Full thesis review by the appointed professor

10 hours of mock viva preparation with the appointed professor

A complete list of expected viva questions

A guide to the format of the viva and how the formalities will proceed

Top tips for passing the viva with zero or minor alterations

Complete support from A to Z with all viva related questions

Delivery. Delivery in 24 – 48.


Plagiarism Free. Your work will be 100% plagiarism free (a free plagiarism report is included).

Confidential. Your work will be 100% confidential (no details are shared with applicant universities).

Intellectual Property. Your work will be 100% your intellectual property and never re-sold.

Malta Office. You will have 24 / 7 support from our Malta office.

You will work with an experienced expert in your field

Let's get started!

Contact us on [email protected] to discuss your requirements and needs.

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