Journal Assistance

publish your research in an international conference journal.

Journal Assistance

Why pay a private professor to help with your conference or journal paper?

For a majority of PhD students, publishing an academic conference or journal paper is an entirely new academic activity.

As such, many students are uncertain of factors like how to choose the right conference or journal, how to apply for acceptance, how to structure a paper and so on.

Our experts have though published hundreds of papers between them and thus are intimately familiar with exactly what is required for a successful paper publication.

Working in collaboration with us can ensure that your work is presented in the right way, at the right time, to the right places and finally secures the publication you deserve.

What’s included?

An eexpert in your chosen PhD subject.

Skype Call. 1 x 1 hour Skype call with your expert

Model paper of 3000, 5000 or 8000 words

Bibliography & Referencing. Full bibliography plus referencing in your chosen style (Harvard, Oxford etc.)

Alterations. Free alterations for 10 days following receipt of your work. 



Plagiarism Free. Your work will be 100% plagiarism free (a free plagiarism report is included).

Confidential. Your work will be 100% confidential (no details are shared with applicant universities).

Intellectual Property. Your work will be 100% your intellectual property and never re-sold.

Malta Office. You will have 24 / 7 support from our Malta office.

You will work with an experienced expert in your field

Let's get started!

Contact us on [email protected] to discuss your requirements and needs.

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